Youth_Salt Lake City - Communicate Love, Be Gumby, and Camp Fire Nachos!


Today was our first day of working with an organization that was related to youth empowerment. The Christmas Box House, is a nonprofit that works with homeless kids until they are placed into foster homes. The plot twist is that we were indirectly empowering the kids. The staff needed help painting some offices and organizing food donations so that they could focus on their tasks as well as saving money. When we got there, they were super inviting and happy to have us help them. The staff was communicating love to all of us and this really boosted spirits and encouraged our team to also communicate love.


We split up into 3 teams and got to work right away in prepping the two rooms to be painted and sorting through the food. This was an uplifting day for the team, we got to see our work make a difference. We also learned that, this was really a benefit for them, because the new colors are more inviting to the kids they work with in the offices. After having a successful service day, we went to Walmart to get what we needed for our meals, we were going to have to start cooking in a fireplace. "Be Gumby" because this was a unique and fun challenge for us and it got us a delicious meal of camp fire nachos. To lift spirits we ended the night making  s'mores and playing cards against humanity. 

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