Youth_Salt Lake City - You Gotta Be Gumby

We started out on Friday, with a six-hour car ride to Seward, Nebraska. In the beginning, we were pretty much strangers, even with having meetings in prep for the trip. Once we arrived at our halfway housing it changed through a game of sardines (hide n seek). After some bonding and sleep we began our 15-hour trek to Salt Lake City. This car ride took us through one end of Nebraska to the other as well as Wyoming.


Arriving in Salt Lake City on Saturday night was amazing for all of us. Our housing for the week is at Camp Tracy, a Boys Scout of America camp. Ranger Rick, the camp ranger, showed us around and then we set up in a massive lodge; we were going to stay in a wood burning cabin, but he made an exception for us. Then it was Sunday and we got ready for our first day of service. We worked with Save Our Canyons to clean off graffiti from the rock After several hours, not much showed for our work. This was rough for some of the team members, but we realized that "Poco A Poco" was our main principle of the day.


After our service, we came back to being moved to a cabin. This was difficult and frustrating for many of us, but the change brought all of us to deal with change together. "Be Gumby" is what we told ourselves. This was a frustrating principle, but we talked about it and managed to be a bonding topic for everyone. 

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