We're late...sorry Denise

Greetings to all!

Here's what happened on Detroit Day 3:

To begin the day, we rose from sleep an hour later than yesterday (being gumby and what not) and headed to Earthworks for yet another day of service and education.  When we arrived, we were put right to work and were able to see our progress from the first day. We finished pricking the plants (all 62 trays worth) and mixing soil so that we and the volunteers of Earthworks could continue to foster growth both within the greenhouse and in the community. We had the chance to talk to Willy--a seven year volunteer at Earthworks. He willingly shared his experiences growing up in this community and his personal struggles with the education system, the government, lack of transparency, and the peace he eventually found with this organization and his ability to contribute to the place he grew up. Willy's story remained relevant into the afternoon when Shane hosted us for our orientation 2.0. We had great conversations about Food Justice, Food sovereignty, Food security, and how all of these related to the overarching issues within Detroit's food system. We were reminded of the importance of word choice, specifically when discussing issues (like the food system) within the realm of homelessness and poverty. Afterward, we followed up our service at the museum dedicated to Friar Solanus Casey (a foundational member of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen--aka our lunch everyday and the destination for 25% of the food we are growing). After that, we wet to the Heidleberg Art Project. We got to meet the artist, Tyree, who answered our questions and dropped some brainfood on us for the rest of the week and also life. nice. 

Anyway, it was a good day--more specifically, a taco tuesday. In the words of Merriam Webster, happiness is "a pleasurable or satisfying experience." So... that.

Good night Detroit.

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