Alaskan Bush People

Hey folks

We had a very rewarding day because we were able to see the work we were doing. Our conversations were so rich with each other and with those we were able to interact with throughout the day.  We'll elaborate on this if you want.

We're elaborating

Hump day started off pretty sweet. We were tired, we were hungry, but we were determined. We started the day off working in the great outdoors: our group, along with numerous volunteers from EarthWorks, headed out to a new plot of land down the street to rake leaves and make compost in the light of the newly risen Spring sun. Our group split up into different pods to freshen the lot for the upcoming planting. During this time, we were able to have conversations with volunteers who we found out were also our peers. It was the first day in which we all were able to work alongside one another. We then riddled our way to the end of the day.  After a long and rewarding day of working under the sun, we decided to explore Detroit a bit more. With sun-kissed skin, we headed to the Museum of Contemporary Art-Detroit. Here, we learned a lot more about the upcoming plans for the city of Detroit in an artistic way. The artists conveyed their passions for re-purposing what many onlookers often see as a city of abandonment.

We finished the day off with spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner, and then we watched 2 episodes of a crazy show titled "Alaskan Bush People," which, if you haven't checked it out yet, you probably should. It might change your life, because it definitely changed ours. After that, we had our debrief from the day and it turned out to be emotional and very rich. We discussed how the service we're doing in Detroit shouldn't be limited to Detroit, and how we should be continuing to look into issues of homelessness and poverty in our community as well as how we should be continuing to educate ourselves on these issues and checking our assumptions at the door. Jazz hands. 

Anyways, we're off to bed so that we can feel as energized tomorrow as we did watching our new favorite tv show, Alaskan Bush People. Again, seriously, if you haven't checked it out we strongly advise you to do so. We would like to point out that we're not getting paid for this. But we seriously love it like a lot. We're serious. 

Okay goodnight, Detroit!

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