San Antonio, TX 1 - Habitat for Humanity (Post 2)

Today was the day that we began service. We all woke up very eager to go onto site and help build with Habitat for Humanity. We were greeted by a very kind Texan named Joe, who showed us around, taught us about the organization, and guided us through the day. They are currently building several houses for low income families. The houses are 3-4 bedrooms with vibrant colors and with a shed in the back that matches the painting of the house. Joe told us that families have to make less than $25,000 in order to qualify for the house. Then, they must spend about three hundred hours helping build other houses before they can get theirs. We hammered, sawed, painted, and caulked all day. Throughout the day, as we continued to add on to the building, we realized that every single piece of wood that we nailed or sawed was going to be apart of someone's home. We are constructing a stable shelter with our bare hands for a family who will move in and live here for years to come. This made us realize that every single action mattered; it had to be the best that it could be. Most of us have made paper airplanes, crafts, or even origami. But, those are no comparison to the home that we are helping build. It's an amazing feeling.​

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