Eagle Butte, SD - Native American Issues (Post 1)

Hi and thanks for following our trip! We are spending the week on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in Eagle Butte, SD, working with members of the Lakota people. After a 14-hour car ride and an overnight stop in Bellevue, NE, we settled in on Saturday night at our volunteer house.

Sunday was our free day, and we spent it at Badlands National Park. We stopped by the famous Mitchell Corn Palace on the way there. We had a lot of fun taking in the more tourist-y side of South Dakota before we got to work in Eagle Butte.

When we drove through the park, we saw bison, prairie dogs and pronghorn sheep.

We did some cool hiking... The trail was pretty steep, so we had to watch our step on the way back down, but the view from the top was fantastic!

And we got to know everyone in our group!

We started work today. We split into three groups to work on the volunteer house...

Reorganize the storage shed...

And insulate the reflection room...

Tonight we went to the town cultural center, where we learned about many of the principles and history of the Lakota people. Then we helped fill plastic Easter eggs at city hall and were treated to a surprise pizza dinner by the town officials. It was a fun ending to a long but educational day.

Check back to see our progress throughout the week. See you soon!

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