SHP Houston- The Beginning of the End

Today is the second to last day of serving in the Houston area. At the resale shop, we sorted donations from the community to be distributed between the store and a veteran site. The clothes at the store are entirely sold to profit the Bay Area Turning Point shelter. We all had the opportunity to function as a unit to complete each of the tasks assigned to us by the store director. With beautiful weather and light hearts, we brought energy to the store by making a Hawaiian themed day. Participants, leaders, and resale staff found tropical shirts and accessories to enjoy a little photoshoot at the end of a hard days work. Though each chore does not directly affect the survivors, the combined effort of our work at both the shelter and the resale shop was realized today. After a a few fateful events, we were privileged to be approached by a now independent and working woman at the YMCA where we shower. This woman inquired about our service trip and as we began to explain our involvement with a domestic violence shelter, her eyes watered as she told us her personal experience with living in a shelter for 7 months. She told us the shelter gave her the opportunity to find a fresh start and thanked us for our service. When reflecting on our week thus far, our perspective about what seemed somewhat indirect tasks to the survivors were transformed into purposeful experiences after her words.


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