New Orleans 3 - The First Half of Our Trip

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We spent the day working to take down the previously hung sheet rock and re cut the walls to have all smooth parallel surfaces before proceeding to hang the drywall. It was a long day but in wrapping up we all felt very accomplished and proud of the work we completed. We drove back to New Orleans got cleaned up and had taco Tuesday dinner it was delish! Our nightly reflection, we went over songs that we felt summed up our lives at the moment, it was touching to see all twelve of us open up and share with each other. Being vulnerable with our peers is something that is sort of a rarity in the college setting.  We then wrapped up the night by playing the game of things. We laughed and teased each other about ones answers, it was the perfect way to end the night.


Its Wednesday, we woke up and started another amazing day of service. Today some of us headed to the New Orleans site. We were grateful of the opportunity to see both types of work that the United Saints do on a daily basis. The damage that we saw today was a result of Hurricane Katrina that happened over 10 years ago. People are still trying to put their lives back together after all this time. A couple of us worked on mudding holes in the sheet rock and getting the place ready to paint, while the others were hanging sheet rock. We had a successful day and the owner of the house treated us all with some popsicles. They were the perfect treat for such a hot day. We came back to the house and grabbed dinner. After dinner we all showered, and got our New Orleans Pelicans t-shirts on ready for the game. Going to the game was such a fun experience, even though our seats were in the nosebleeds, the very top row, it was fun and for many of us our first NBA game. A lot of us got game time snacks: nachos, pretzels, smoothies, or souvenir sodas.  We all enjoyed the game and the Pels even ended up winning. We wrapped up the evening with reflection, starting with "highs and lows" for the day a lot of the highs were about the game and then went one by one telling the group our biggest emotional fear. It was good for a lot of us to let out some heavy emotions weighing on our hearts. After that it was lights out for all of us we were so tired.


Good Morning, we all ended up waking a little later than usual today. It was hard to crawl out of our cozy beds, but we all got up and made it to breakfast on time. A few of us went to Baton Rouge and the others went to the New Orleans Site. On the Baton Rouge site we were ready to put up some of the sheet rock and boy we sure did. Our group was a bunch of animals, or liked to refer to themselves as dogs. We had the saw dogs and the screw gun dogs. Together our teamwork is what helped us accomplish the most, Poco A Poco, another one of our MAB sayings, which translates to Little by Little, we got the job done. We finished almost all of the sheet rock with only a couple closets and the garage left to rock out. Everyone has given every task their all, the good work ethic and dedication shows through every single day when we can walk back through the houses and see all that we have accomplished as a group. At the end of the day everyone was amazed to see what just 3 days of work could really accomplish. We are also getting to the point where we can see the end and do not want to go. The 12 people, who started out as strangers, have 12 friends that they get to go back to Mizzou with.



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