Denver 1- Volunteer Experiences

Today I had the opportunity to hang out with Thomas, who is one of the siblings at Adam's Camp. Thomas is a trifecta athlete as a second grader, and him and I threw a football back and forth too many times to count. Thomas is a pretty special kid and was great to the other campers. As the week goes on I look forward to getting to know more about him and having a few more football catches.
-Molly Petrie

something funny that happened today was: i had to chase a kid on the ground for 30 minutes and i got rug burn on my knee... i had so much fun hanging with the sibs and getting to them and the people on the team :)
-Kylie Nedelka

I had a very fun and interesting morning interacting with the siblings of the campers! The morning was full of laughs, knock knock jokes, and playing! For the second half of the day, it was a pleasure to help the Adam's Camp office by moving old furniture out of their office. Then we started to make scrapbooks for siblings of future campers. I love the idea and importance of the siblings program through Adam's Camp because it allows the siblings of the campers to have fun as well as discuss how they feel! I can't wait to do it all again tomorrow!
-Emily Martin

The first official day of Adam's camp made my heart very happy. It was amazing to see the four therapists work together to create very individualized, goal-oriented, and adaptable plans for each child. As a future art therapist, being included in this process was tremendously insightful. Even further, it was wonderful getting to know each child and seeing their bright smiles. I look forward to the rest of this week and seeing the progress that these beautiful little humans make!
-Emily Endacott

Today at Adam's Camp it was a great first day and I'm looking forward for the next few days up ahead! Today was a day to meet the kids, see all their amazing personalities and watch their goals because a reality! I am looking forward to watching each kid individually grow in this one short week at Adam's Camp and be there to experience it with them! Such sweet faces and even bigger hearts, I'm ecstatic for what's next.
-Annie Shackelford

With the first day of camp coming to an end, I've realized the amount of impact that our small group will make on these families lives. Working with the siblings group really allowed the siblings to open up around other siblings that also have siblings with disabilities. One sibling that I enjoyed interacting with and even putting to sleep was 10 month old, Gabriel. It's a true blessing to be able to see the kids laugh and smile while being at camp. I am looking forward to making a difference on these kids lives this week!
-Channing Phillips

Today was filled with adventures. My favorite part of the day was getting to witness all the therapist at Adam's camp in action and playing with the kiddos. It's amazing how much they've mastered certain tasks in one day. I'm excited to see them grow throughout the week. As always, the car rides with my MAB fam were jammin. The mountains here are gorgeous, and I can't wait for the rest of our trip.
-Amanda Byler

I was dead tired through half the day but getting to see the therapists take everything that they saw individually and work collectively to see what can be improved on was worth it. I am looking forward to getting to help the therapists in whatever way I can. At first was hesitant that I wouldn't be working with kids as much but I'm happy that they're in professionals hands and I'm happy to help
-Thomas Staley

today was really interesting because finally, after hearing about each kid and preparing for them to arrive, we finally got to meet them. I found it particularly interesting to see all of the therapists execute and adapt their original plans as the day went on. I've worked with kids with disabilities before but I've never really seen or understood the therapist side of things so that was a really cool thing to experience
-Harper Lanning

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