Atlanta 3 - Second Day of Service

Today was another great day; full of laughs, amazing teamwork, and willingness to work. We got to the service site at 9am and worked until almost 5pm. We cleaned out more sheds, painted closets, deep cleaned some bathrooms, watched 10 children under the age of 6 (including 3 under the age of 1), and did endless loads of laundry. Again, not one complaint was heard from our phenomenal group. WOW. We wish we could tell you more about our service site and the amazing stories that are carried with the people who move in and out, but confidentiality is a large part of what keeps the women and their children safe from their abusers. Today was a hard day physically and emotionally. Our perceptions of the world are being challenged by every person we interact with there and we are learning so much about the challenges women face that are never publicized. This trip is having a great impact on us, and many of us are wondering how we will bring home these experiences and keep advocating for women long after this week is over. 
So after this long day, we came home, made some great tacos, and reflected upon the day. Some of us went to the grave site of JonBenet Ramsey (look up her story), and others ate cookie dough. All in all, today was a great day. 

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