Denver 1-Karel's Story

      Today we got the opportunity to hear the story of how Adam's Camp was created. It all started with Karel Horney, who is the former director of Adam's Camp. 
       After Karel and her husband got married, they decide they wanted to have kids. It wasn't until 5 years later that her and her husband found out they were finally going to have kids. In fact, not just one but three. They were ecstatic and overjoyed by the news. During Karel's pregnancy there were no signs of anything wrong. It wasn't until Karel was in labor and they discovered that all three boys would be rushed into surgeries and would remain in an incubator. With a heavy heart, Karel and her husband had a difficult decision to make. They took one of the boys off of life support and he would soon pass away after doing so. With focus on the other two boys, both had difficult challenges to stay alive. Jared and Adam would stay in the ICU for three months, before finally making it home. 
      Within months, the doctors realized Adam wasn't acting the same as Jared. They soon diagnosed him with cerebral palsy. The family didn't exactly know what to do. Over time, they allowed the boys to grow together until Adam was five years old and was still unable to walk. Karel and her husband contacted many therapists until they found the perfect fit for Adam. After meeting with her, she suggested the mountain camp. The whole family attended a weeklong therapist camp amongst other kids diagnosed. Adam was in a walker at the time, but the family was determined to see Adam walk. Within the few days of the camp, Adam watched another camper take a few steps and soon enough Adam followed her. Adam was up and walking. 
      Year after year the family attended this camp with increasing numbers of campers. Since 1986, Adam's Camp was serving over 12,000 individuals with special needs. They have event created camps in Alaska, New Hampshire, Texas and Ireland, with programs growing to this day. 
      After sitting and listening to Karel's story we know we are making an impact on these families lives. One thing that really stuck out is when Karel said, "Adam always has a new surprise for us." To this day, Adam has grown within his disability and is able to walk, talk and even live in apartment on his own.

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