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Dear family, friends, and fans:
We are greeting you from Gardiner, Montana. The drive took roughly 22 hours and we experienced every type of weather (rain, snow, sunshine, and wind). There were several laughs had and good memories started for a wonderful week. We journeyed from Columbia, Missouri to Denver, Colorado. From there we continued the trek to Gardiner, current population: 882 (including us); diversity growth: the limit does not exist. Our group is serving in Yellowstone National Park.
Our group began work on Monday morning. We met our leaders and went to the amphitheater, where we began. Monday morning, we ripped up an old deck and began gathering logs to chop. When we broke for lunch, they offered us a room in doors. The weather was chilly and in the mid-30’s, it was pleasant to get out of the cold for a bit and bond during lunch. In the afternoon, we realized we had a Paul(a) Bunion on our hands when one of the members discovered a great talent with the splitter. We nearly finished replacing the deck as well.
Tuesday, we finalized the deck and continued chopping wood. In the afternoon, one of the park rangers talked to us about the hot springs and four main types of thermo-features. Afterwards, we went to shovel snow that had fallen during the day. A group from a foreign high school was on the boardwalk we were shoveling. They passed by us and we had shared high-fives. It was a highlight of the day, definitely.
Wednesday, we continued to chop wood and repaired a trail. The wood that we chopped will be used in the summer for camp fires hosted by Yellowstone, at the end of their shows at the amphitheater.
@MAB_Yellowstone is loving Yellowstone and the surrounding areas. It is gorgeous and so peaceful. We have seen a variety of wildlife creatures.
Until next time,

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