Ruidoso - Adaptive Sports

Skidoso Day 2&3 (Monday and Tuesday)


Monday we were introduced to the mountain and, for many of us, the sport of skiing in general. We learned the background of this great organization that we are serving with. Ski Apache Adaptive Sports started as a way to allow Vietnam Veterans with disabilities to enjoy a sport that so many enjoy. After introductions to the great coaches here, we received skiing lessons so we would be able to better serve the students that would be coming throughout the week. After a few falls and some frozen toes we all got a handle on skiing and were ready to serve!


On Tuesday, we got to assist an adult group with developmental delays.  We helped the instructors teach the students basic skills on the bunny slope.  We had a great time because the instructors were very encouraging and genuinely cared about the students.  It was such a great feeling seeing the joy on the adult students' faces as they coasted down the slopes.  Just being able to meet them and spend time with them was a very special experience and it was obvious they all had a great time with us as well. Ski Apache Adaptive Sports (SAAS) serves individuals with all types of disabilities and to achieve this they use many different types of equipment; some which they have had to build themselves. For example, for individuals who are unable to walk or are restricted in their ability to walk they utilize a bi-ski which allows them to ski while sitting down. An improvised piece of equipment that SAAS had to build themselves is a ski walker. It is essentially just a walker with skis rather than tennis balls on the bottom. This allows a handle bar contraption for the students to hang on to if they needed it.


The rewards of seeing all the smiling faces today has excited us all the more for the rest of the week and for serving with SAAS!


Just for fun we’ll be keeping a running count of the number of times that each person got a little closer to the mountain and the snow than they intended. So far Paul is our Crash Champ!


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