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Day five, wow. Where to begin... Alarms somehow did not wake everyone up this morning, probably due to the soft lull of the rotary air moving device that was used to eliminate heat and stench from our humble living quarters (aka a floor), and also to cover the loud, obnoxious blow horn that protrudes from Josh's mouth (and possibly other end, we don't know for certain) every night. So we got an extra fifteen minutes of sleep, NEAT!


As we slid into our DMs aka breakfast like Aladdin on his magic carpet, we were greeted by our Sultan, Dave and warm ovens of food that he was preparing to feed the homeless. His sidekick (still nameless) was generous enough to provide us with some magical orange drank, aka Sunny Delight, which gave us the energy to make our long and strenuous eight minute journey to Figland avenue, where three houses, touched by angels (aka us) awaited. (Side note: Bridget is driving right now and we almost died. This blog is from the back seat of a twelve passenger van, squished, smelly, intimate, and everything else...) Timeout, we are at Cajun Specialty Meats. Be back soon.


So, that was amazing. Here is the aftermath. More on the rest later...


Where were we? Okay, so, today we were all about dat new house, and the word of the day was "nails." Needless to say, we got "hammered". Don't worry Mom and Dad (and Molly), it wasn't what your mind is thinking right now. The lucky ones got to help build interior walls, while the rest of us were exiled to sheeting. Wayne promised fun and enjoyment. 5,000 nails and a broken thumb later, we aren't convinced. It didn't help that two of our team members *cough* Delaney and Josh *cough* abandoned us in a time when we needed them most. Still bitter. Side note: Bertha the goat and Patches/Spot the dog came to visit and we are certain that Cara (aka me) is a goat whisperer. Baahaaahaaahaaa. That's a goat noise in case you were wondering. Below are the photos of the traitors, aka why they didn’t get as far as we did can be seen…

Josh was too busy taking senior photos and Delaney was too busy getting the perfect candid profile pic.


pause, one time by justin bieber just came on and d-money is gettin' it.


So back to the sheeting, it was a lot harder than you think. Basically we had to nail nails LITERALLY every two inches on every stud and every edge, which was NEAT, or nah. It didn't help that we had a half inch margin for error for each stud. Basically, several misses later, we finished the front, the back, and a little over halfway way on each side of the house. Well, at least OUR side was over halfway done... We finish our tasks. We found some walls on the inside so I guess everyone was doing something all day, but we aren't really sure... Quality tbd. We couldn't really hear anything because it sounded like Santa's workshop, if everyone was getting a 2x4 with just as much nails as wood for Christmas.


2:30 rolled around and our finals words from Wayne began. Main points below:

1. Did everyone have fun? (Yes, with heads shaking no)

2. Was everyone safe? (Quiet laughs, but debatable)

3. Cajun Specialty Meats (we finally complied with his suggestion)


Therefore, due to us being hungry, Bridget put the petal to the metal (with weird sounds following from the swagga wagon) and headed to Cajun Specialty Meats which led to our prior remarks fearing for our lives. And so the adventure began...


Side note: Live your Live by Rihanna just came on. Brb.


Sorry, we’re back and ready to talk about Cajun Specialty Meats. So, we walk in, all with different expectations of what awaited. I (Cara) was expecting more of a grocery store with a small eat-in deli on the side, while I (Dillon) expected more of an over the counter experience. Well, we were both wrong, as it was a full sit down restaurant with some freezers along the wall. We were quickly served by our Cajun waitress, Stacy, who was more than eager to share her Cajun knowledge with us, and even join in in saying “I don’t know. We can get whatever we want” not understanding that we have a budget to follow. We decided to order an array of samplings that would give us an authentic experience (everyone’s exciting to tell lil’ Wayne tomorrow!!!!). Our selection included some fried gator (tastes like chicken), fried green tomatoes (that they claim they claim are their specialty, but Dillon actually made better ones himself), boudin balls (so gooooooood), fried pickles (spears, not chips (which are not to be confused with French fries for the Brits), and mystery meat pies (no words necessary). We also received some complementary Cajun pork rinds, YEE-HAW. We quickly scarfed it down and watched as what we thought to be dozens upon dozens of donuts, which Stacy later eagerly informed us were king cakes, were brought into the market. Stacy also shared that the same place makes great donuts, in which she ordered, but didn’t get any, and almost got fired for fighting people because they ate her donuts. She likes to share . . .


Back to the van, king cake in hand, which actually had two naked babies on top of it so we aren’t really sure if it’s a king cake or a king plus one cake, we headed back home, which is when Rihanna came into play. Urgently upon arrival, we jumped out of the swagga wagon and jumped into a tree that may be 500 years old, we don’t really now. Or simply, the second oldest tree in Florida according to a man at dinner. After a few attempts of Bridget pressing a timer and sprinting to the tree, we finally got our picture perfect photograph. Totally NEAT and instragrammable. Maybe twitter too, and a snap story to cap it off. Follow us at gow-pow and carahartwig. We only provide top-notch content.


After our oaky adventure, and a potty break for Samantha, we began the most intense kickball game ever, 23 minutes before the sunset. It was Cara’s team (the Icicles, thanks Josh), and Bridget’s team (nameless). Cara’s team rallied and soon feel behind, but Cara’s enthusiasm and spirit charged ahead and turned into determination and competiveness, to no avail. We don’t need to include the score, but basically Dillon ended up with a gnarly winning sand burn and one team left in defeat. Afterwards, we all dispersed: showers, a puzzle, napping, and volleyball practice which turned into around the world. Cara somehow won, even though she is the most un-athletic person, so much so that her mom pulled her out of sports at age five and made her take piano lessons instead. She’s basically Beethoven. It’s okay though, because she’s better at vball than D-dawg/D-$/D-swagga/D-rizzle.


After a nice shower, which Cara also beat Dillon at (don’t boys usually have shorter showers than girls?), a motley crew comprising of pantsless Allie, animal lover Samantha, Josh the snorer, and Cara (…) headed to the kitchen to cook up some custom gourmet grilled cheese, buff dip (a true crowd pleaser), an assorted fruit salad, and oreo balls (which Natalie so candidly claimed were a little chunky). Josh almost burned every sandwich, and basically the whole church, maybe due to complaints about his snoring, idk. Anyways, s/o to Bridget for having THE largest sandwich that included almost every ingredient possible, and then claiming that’s not how she wanted it. While a near catastrophe was occurring in the kitchen (lots of screaming was heard), Dillon delighted Delaney in a game of fire and ice, aka 52 card pick up, which she was unaware of.


Dinner was served, and we all ate way too much. People may have overestimated their ability to consume both a slider and a sandwich, ourselves included. Half of us may or may not be vomiting right now. See next blog for actual results. It was the best and worst meal of our lives, maybe due to the after effect of the Cajun. We think Josh has gas again… and Cara admitted to 48 hours of previous flagellant odors (Yes, I am admitting to having gas; it’s a natural process, better out than in).


Well, that’s a really weird ending for the blog. So we just want to say that today was a super neat day with all of our homies at Figland and we can’t wait for the gran’ finale in the morning, as long as we don’t die between Josh’s gas and our vigilance against his snoring and gas overnight. We think we should leave it at that.


*throws up two peace signs*,

C-chainz and D-dizzle (Cara and Dillon)


p.s. the pictures below are to show that we really weren’t kidding about the nails…


p.s.s. we really did make progress today and we matched which was neat.



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