Memphis 1- Day 2, Free Day

After getting an up close look at the ducks, we made our way over to Beale Street. To our surprise, Beale Street was pretty empty, but it was a Sunday morning so most people were probably still sleeping from their previous night on the town. We wandered down the street [and we swear we saw the other Memphis trip but were too far away to tell, so HI! maybe?] and made our way in and out of various souvenirs shops and then decided to visit the Rock N Soul Museum. After watching a short video about the history of jazz, gospel and country music we each got headsets for an audio tour and made our way around the museum. We learned about Elvis, Carl Perkins, B.B. King and some others. Along with learning about some of the idols, we learned about the history of how this music came about. It was really interesting. 

After we all finished our audio tours we headed back to Beale Street for lunch. We decided on B.B. King's Blues Club. Surprisingly, everyone was hungry after the stacks of pancakes we had devoured just hours earlier, but the stomach wants what it wants so we all ordered and waited patiently. Our food finally came and some live music started so all was good in the world. We finished up while the woman at the table next to use got super into the Minnesota and Seattle game. We mean SUPER into it, like yelling so the whole restaurant could hear. It was kind of funny. 

After lunch we walked across the street to another souvenir shop so we could buy Powerball tickets. We're serious when we say that one of us is going to come home a billionaire and we've schedule in some time to watch the drawing on Wednesday. We'll keep you posted. After we bought our tickets we decided to check out the Bass Pro Shop/ Memphis Pyramid. This Bass Pro Shop is huge. The inside is like a giant jungle of outdoor equipment mixed with a fudge shop, some fake trees, a tiny creek and a fish tank. Oh, and an alligator tank. We can't forget the alligator. It was two stories high followed by a resort on top that would have cost $470 a night for just two of us. Yikes. Definitely out of our budget. Thank God for our room in the church.Exploring the store took awhile because there was so much to see.  The second floor was dedicated to hunting equipment and it kind of looked like the cast of Duck Dynasty threw up all over the place. There was camo everywhere. We'll refrain from hiding/being invisible puns. 

After we escaped the camo unit, we found ourselves a nice boat that we're going to buy once one of us wins the lottery. Go ahead and laugh at us now, but one day soon we'll be rich. 

After we had our fill of outdoorsy life we headed to Wal-Mart to buy our groceries for the week. Thankfully, we've come along way since trying to decided what soda to buy, and we split into groups to conquer our list quicker. It was an uneventful trip and finally we made our way back to the church to put away our groceries and come up with a plan before the bible study group used our room. To our surprise, the group decided to move their meeting elsewhere meaning we didn't have to leave our room again. Very nice people. While half the group started making dinner, a few of us headed to Michael's to track down some buttons for our crafting event at St. Jude's tomorrow. We're so excited to meet the families and to start our week of service! 

Our chefs for the night nailed our spaghetti dinner and shortly after everyone settled down for a movie. We decided on Spy and we're currently about halfway through. Review to come later, maybe. We'll probably be asleep. 

Tomorrow marks our first day of service with our first stop at the Boys and Girls Club. We're so excited! 
Today was our first full day in Memphis and we definitely made the most of it. We used today as our free day for the week and explored the downtown area. We started our morning off by having breakfast at Staks, an adorable and delicious pancake house. After everyone chowed down their plates of sugary goodness we headed to the Peabody Hotel to see the ducks march. There has been a duck march everyday at the hotel since 1940. The five little ducks waddle off the elevator on a red carpet and hop into the fountain in the middle of the main lobby. Tons of people, guests and non-guests like us crowd around the fountain for the maybe 45 second performance. 

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