Kissimmee Blog Day 4

Day 4

            Our day started off with a trip to some stores in the area including a huge flea market with plenty of off brand Disney souvenirs and odd technology accessories. For the first part of the day Parker and Courtney ran the Carousel for wish kids and their families. Katie, Brittany, and Ann Marie spent their morning in the Castle. While in the Castle a young girl with leukemia came to visit the castle with her parents, none of her cousins were able to make the trip to Give Kids the World so the young girl was making a scrapbook to take back home to them. She asked Katie and the other volunteers to take pictures with her to put in the scrapbook, and they had a great time making her star and pillow at the Pillow Tree.

In the evening our whole group was volunteering in Café Clayton doing various jobs throughout the kitchen and dining room. At the same time we were serving in the Café, GKTW was having their weekly Village Idol where wish kids and their siblings can sing songs and perform different talents. While the talent show was going on, a little girl sang “Let It Go” from Frozen and the whole cafeteria started singing along, it was a magical moment to say the least. Everyone had a great time talking with the families and making their stays more enjoyable!  

- Katie and Lauren

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