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In college, experimenting is encouraged. Whether it’s switching a major or trying a new club, student’s flit from one activity to the next. For students, that freedom fosters confidence and discovery.


 For Chuck of Verde Community Farm and Market, flexibility and freedom often mean flakiness. Whether intentionally or not, Chuck has seen many volunteers and community members come and go. While initially energetic, many people’s interest fades and attendance drastically drops.

Multiple times throughout the day Chuck mentioned that we could leave early and do as little work as we wanted. Every time, we reiterated that we would be staying the allotted time of 7-4.


Even with our assurances, he smiled like the older siblings listening to their parents describe the wonders of Santa Claus to their little brother. He’s heard this story before and it’s not worth believing in anymore.


That being said, Chuck’s wariness didn’t overpower his quiet determination and relaxed humor. He calmly guided us on how best to do the various farming techniques –planting seeds, weeding, chopping banana trees—and always had a smile on his face.


We will not fix everything for Verde Farms. And we probably shouldn’t.


Our job this week is to give a worthy cause some extra manual laborers. While we can help with small tasks, we do not currently have the vast enough understanding of this community to give them the great change they need.


But we can keep weeding and planting and seeding.  That way, the people who are meant to do this great work will have the time and energy needed to devote to this cause.


Ultimately, we must remember that massive change happens Poco a Poco and that we need to Bring it Home. We may be laborers this week, simply serving where service is needed, but in the future we can think about the next time we read about a community garden effort.


Then ~MAB just maybe~ we’ll become more than just tweet retweeters and Facebook article-likers.



Before our service began, we spent our free day at two of Florida’s National Parks, Biscayne and the Everglades. Here is a poem written by our own Kelly Dougherty about her experience.

Tall, golden grass flowing with the breeze

Feeling and moving as the world around it


Average in the eyes of its beholder

Disguising the deep swamps hiding beneath


Waters churning under the shallow growth

Emotions under a mask


  1. College student: An apostrophe does not mean "Look out! Here comes an 'S'!" "Student's flit" means either a.) student is flit OR b.) student has ownnership of flit. IF you are referring to multiple students, do not use an apostrophe! This basic grammar rule is taught in elementary school. Good luck and have fun.

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