Albuquerque - Health

Day One: Poco A Poco


After a long weekend of traveling, exploring and enjoying the many wonders of Albuquerque, New Mexico we finally began our service. At the crack of dawn, the twelve of us crammed into our vans and headed towards Casa Esperanza. Casa Esperanza is an organization that provides a home away from home for families with loved ones going through cancer treatments. It is a local non-profit that functions under the hands of very few workers. As a group we were very happy to be able to supply twenty-four helping hands in order to take some work off their plates. Throughout the day we did small tasks, including cleaning out a children's play room, washing windows, and scrubbing carpets. Although we didn't accomplish any one big job during the day, one thing the group noticed as a whole was how quickly the small things added up. By completing these small tasks we were able to take a ton of work off the workers hands in order for them to focus on jobs they normally wouldn't have been able to get to. It was truly great to see how the little things can add up to make a big difference. 

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