Taos, NM - Habitat for Humanity

Today was the first day that we spent working on the Habitat for Humanity house for the Romero family! We started our morning by eating breakfast together along with Drew, our volunteer coordinator, and headed over to the work site around 9:00.

At the house we met up with Mario Romero, the brother of Vera, as well as a few other Habitat workers. Expecting to be helping out with the roofing, we were a little surprised to find out that our first task would be chipping away the solid ice that had formed on the concrete floor. Even though this could seem tedious, we had a lot of fun talking to each other and getting to know the workers and volunteers better.

Vera Romero made us a fantastic lunch of taco pie along with cupcakes and pumpkin pie to celebrate the birthday of Mark, our awesome building coordinator. During this time Drew talked to us a lot more about Habitat for Humanity and the process that occurs when choosing a new family to serve within the community. At this time, Vera also told us about herself, her previous living conditions, and what this new house will mean to her and her daughter, Jules. It was so interesting to learn more about her story and experiences here in Taos. Vera’s father and a few other people from the community joined us throughout the day to help us out at the work site. After lunch, we picked up a few power tools, wood planks, hammers, and nails and began more jobs around the house. A few of us also did some work on the scaffolds to help with construction on the roof.

A definite highlight of our day was meeting the friendly neighborhood cat we named Peter. After a fun day at the work site, we attempted again to go investigate the Taos Pueblo, only to realize it would cost $14 a person so we had to turn it down since we ballin on a budget. This afternoon we did a little more exploring around the plaza and definitely embraced our identity as tourists by going in most of the souvenir stores. Tonight our dinner theme was TACO TUESDAY and it was about as glorious as you would imagine. #MABlessed. We wrapped up the night with an awesome reflection and looked at the full moon through Tyler’s telescope.

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