Savannah 2 - Children (2)


This was our second day at the Children’s Hospital, and it was better than we could have ever anticipated.  All the groups on the in-patient floor got to spend a lot of quality time with individual children, giving them each personalized attention.  Strong bonds have already been built with the kids and everyone is looking forward to going back tomorrow and the rest of the week to continue to build on these relationships.  At the same time, we have been preparing a lot of different crafts kits for the kids to use in the future.  Shout out to Koty Jones who put together an entire bulletin board for the children’s floor all about the importance of play for children!  For the out-patient group, they continued spending time coloring and reading with the children as they waited for their appointments.  Even though Victoria did make one particular little boy cry just by saying hello, so many interactions stood out today.  Just seeing the looks on the childrens’ faces when you take the time to read them a story or color with them is an unforgettable sight that you will stay with you for a lifetime.  Also, being able to give the parents a break, even if it’s only for twenty or thirty minutes, takes a load off of their shoulders and makes their days just that much easier.  The ladies at Day Surgery had a memorable moment when they realized the positive outlooks the children always have on life.  Even while waiting for surgery, the childrens’ positivity is infectious, and that is something that we can all learn a lesson from.  Today was also Chloe and Kirsten’s first day serving in the NICU and PICU, where they had a blast holding babies and making the kids feel as comfortable as possible.  A huge highlight from the day was helping one patient make a sign that read “NO MO’ CHEMO!” in honor of her being through with her chemotherapy and being released later this week.  All in all, it was a wonderful day of service that we look forward to continue into tomorrow.

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