Pittsburgh - Adapted Sports/Disabilities (2)

We sure have been keeping busy in Pittsburgh, hence the minimal blog posts (sorry friends and family)!  We started Tuesday adventuring Pittsburgh looking over the city at Mount Washington.  Even though it was a bit windy, the view was beautiful and we got some fun group pictures looking over the city. 

By then, it was lunch time and we decided to try the local Primanti Brothers restaurant.  The restaurant was rather unique, serving all sides (French fries and coleslaw) in the sandwich.  Honestly, its crazy to see how much 11 college students can eat in one sitting (especially Fern taking down 3 sandwiches, chili cheese fries, and chili).  Because we weren’t full enough…we went and had the homemade ice cream from Klavon’s parlor (an old pharmacy from the 1920’s). 

We then decided to visit the Andy Warhol Museum, one of the cities go-to cultural attractions.  Although, our time was cut short we got to see a lot of creative, weird, and spectacular pop culture pieces by Warhol.

To top off the touristic day, we all got nice and fancy and went to Bravo’s Italian Cuisine for dinner, and we told our waitress that it was our cite leader’s birthday. We thought she was going to be annoyed, but she loved it.  Then, we came back to the lodge and played a long night of family fun games!

Next day,
 We kicked the day off with breakfast by Team Peggy and started our service! Nine of us went and finished the second coat of paint in the counselor dorms, while Nick and Fern cleaned windows in the Dining Hall. 

For lunch, Peter, the Chair of The Woodlands bought us all lunch for their profit-share with Jersey Mike’s sandwiches. We spent lunch conversing the staff and learning how to juggle (thanks to Mason).  Afterwards, we all went back to our service opportunities and finished the projects.

Since there was an hour of free time, we all put on dance music in the Activity Center and had a dance party (Cassidy taught the girls how to Salsa and she taught the boys Bachata). By 5:00, it was time to participate in the Fit Club.  Fit Club is an activity in which participants come and work out in a fun and unique way; using small weights, basketballs, and resistance bands to promote healthy habits.  Once that was over, we went and played Adapted Tennis in the court for an hour and half.  Everyone really enjoyed playing tennis with the participants and gained a lot of perspective from the sport and participants. 

Afterwards we made tacos for dinner (shout out to Carolyn) and played Tanks (crawling on the floor only being able to move forward and eventually crashing and crawling over each other).  We then reflected over the day, discussing our highs and lows.  We ended the night playing Fish Bowl (a mix of charades, catchphrase, and team work) using words and phrases that are fun and unique to our trip. We have all really enjoyed our time together here in Pittsburgh so far and are excited to see what the rest of the week has in store!​

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