Philadelphia 1 - Homelessness/Poverty (3)

            Waking up and feeling cold was a realization that set in fast for all of us in the morning. I retreated back to the bathroom to wash up and get dress for the first day of service. Once again parking was rough but we safely were able to find our site for the day. The Coalition Against Hunger Philadelphia chapter was excited to have us at their office, the goal today was to pass out about twenty letters informing businesses in the city about the 5k run that will be promote the cause of donations for food pantries and also we split into groups of three while completing this task. Allison, Kenzie and me made our way to downtown Philadelphia near City Hall. Group bonding was found early with my group as we traveled the streets to advocate for the 5k run and also a chance to see the city of Philadelphia. Deep thought half the day had me trap in my mind so many questions that came to my head but not enough answers. The conversations with Jesse and Zeina from Sunday still had me thinking about the right responses to say back. As I look back on the memory, the best thing to do is listen and absorb the thoughts of others. After lunch my group made a strong push to complete the task and I was glad we were able to grow closer while we finish with all the letters.

            A fresh nap, homework and fun activities were taking place when we arrived back at the Germantown Mennonite Church. We were ready to try a cheesesteak for the first time at Jim’s Steak House, it was good road trip and even better with Dom Kennedy playing in the car while I was driving. As I prepared to lead reflection with Zeina, communicate love and poco a poco came to mind to continue to insert key MAB principles into our group. It was a spark of energy to hear everyone speak, positive vibes were produce from the conversation and then we broke away to settle with our thoughts. Each MAB trip is different, I hope we continue to build a relationship and serve this week for a greater good. Listening to “One Man Can Change the World” by Big Sean as I write this blog sets me at peace because I know all will be well with all the work we have put into this trip since May of last year.                  

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