New Orleans 3 - Disaster Relief (4)

The Fourth.
                One of the MAB principles is to ‘Be Gumby,’ which means to be prepared to make the best of any situation and to put the needs of others before yourself. Well today we woke up and there was a 90% chance of rain all day. By 9 am it was already raining which put a damper on our ability to go back to Carl’s house and paint/ eat his BBQ. We were a little bummed, but also prepared to do whatever the United Saints needed including making it easier for future groups to work when the weather subsided.
                Apparently, the city decided to take a bunch of houses and use the land they previously stood on to build a hospital. New Orleans Citizens decided they didn’t want the houses torn down because they were ‘historical.’ So instead of tearing them down, the city moved them to random neighborhoods throughout the city. Now, many of them vacant, they serve mainly as broken down, gutted, drug houses. Not only does this give haven to drug users and all that goes with it, but it endangers the neighbors of the houses. So what we did today was paint wooden boards  to fill the open frames of the houses so that individuals could no longer enter the home. We had a great time and found out that NOLA NoFear has some very talented artists and craftsmen.
                The church that United Saints runs out of, cooks for us every night. The cook is affectionately called ‘Pops.’ Well, Pops made some delicious BBQ for us and that’s coming from some KC kids who know their BBQ. Not only is he a culinary ninja, but apparently his daughter works for the owner of the Saints and Pelicans professional teams. So, after dinner he asked us if we wanted tickets to a Pelicans game! We asked for 11 plus 3 for Rochelle and her family (from Tuesday), and are super excited that we will be able to attend an NBA game together for free!
                The night activity was to go find some famous New Orleans snowballs and then stay in and have a game night. The snowballs were good (very interesting texture), and game night was fun. We had a reflection after that, and then took a group picture of all of us brushing our teeth at once. Then it was bedtime. Day 4 of service was just as great as all the other days and we cant wait to see what tomorrow brings!
Pictures attached are Steph and Bri’s painting of a Fleuwer De Lis, Eleanor, Gabriel, and Jimmy’s painting, the team brushing picture, and the best picture of Jasmine ever.
MAB Love,
Team NOLA, NoFear

P.S: Still didn’t proofread. Liv’n life on the edge since ‘15

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