Harleyville - Environment (1)

After 14 hours of a long drive, we finally reached Harleyville around 10pm Saturday night. The next morning we had breakfast and left our cabin to the visitor’s center at 9.30 am. It was raining for most part of the day, but that didn’t put us down. Mike showed us around and gave information about the place and what we will be doing. Then we took a walk around the boardwalk. Mike filled us a lot of information about swamp and other things as well. Sadly we did not see any animals as it was raining outside. We walked until we reached the lake and took a group photo of Gnarleyville.
After the refreshing walk, we went home for lunch before going out to canoeing. The gnarleyville was excited to get the chance to go canoeing and tour around the swamp but we did not get the chance to see alligators on our first day canoeing. The next time we went canoeing, we saw a few alligators and took a few group selfies with them.  
When we got home, some of us helped prepared tacos for dinner. Overall it was a nice day and we got a good details of what we will be doing and how we what we do impacts nature. At the end of the day, everyone sits around and talk about their experience of the day. The next day all of us were ready to roll and helped Mike removing trees and branches around the driveway to the visitor’s center. We did this on Monday and Wednesday. We finished it all on Wednesday and the road looks real good and all cleared up. We were happy with the results and all I can say is poco a poco really applies in this matter. We can see the results after a couple of days working at the same driveway.

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