Alamosa - Habitat (4)

It’s us.
Molly and Aaron.
From Alamosa, CO.
Of course we are a day (or a couple days) behind in blogging.
So we’re coming at you on Wednesday night, reflecting on our Tuesday activities.

Waking up a little bit sore from Monday’s work, we were some slow movers. Nevertheless, we were ready to keep working on that dry wall! Rolling up at 9am to see Lawrence’s (Our site coordinator for Habitat for Humanity/ a walking saint) smiling face gave us all the energy to kick back into gear. With our tool belts on and the radio bumpin’ we were back to work!

Through out the day, we finished up most of the dry wall in the kitchen, family room, bathroom and bedroom areas. Though excited for our free day the following day, we were also eager to get back to the house and continuing serving with Habitat

It was lunchtime and a couple of us went to go sit on the deck (wishfully thinking we were getting some type of tan).  Chatting about life, we (Sara, Alysa, Aaron, Gerard, and Molly) decided we were thirsty for a little adventure. So naturally, we decided we would go on a hike!

After a hard working afternoon and some grocery shopping, we started our adventure to Mt. Blanca.  What an impressive mountain it was.  After arriving at the base, we had ambitious thoughts of trucking up to at least the halfway point. However, our goals were quickly dashed as soon as we started realizing that high altitude and oxygen don’t get along too well, so we were forced to move at a comfortable pace. Along with oxygen depletion, the terrain began to get tougher and tougher the higher we hiked, starting with little bits of rock and vegetation, progressing eventually to boulders and twisting trees with branches that were increasingly difficult to maneuver around. Joe consistently and wonderfully played the role of the Shepard, making sure anybody who fell behind was helped, and ensuring that the flock stayed together through the whole trek. We kept getting satisfaction by looking back at the van to see how little it was becoming, only to turn back around and be appalled by the fact that the mountain peak was somehow just as far away as it seemed from the start.

Although the hike was tough, the views always made it well worth it. The beautiful San Luis Valley below, acting as a complement to the stellar sunset, looked like a Van Gogh in his prime. We stopped in a large clearing (only making it about a quarter of the way of the mountain), and soaked in the masterpiece before us. We also made sure to let everybody get their fair share of pictures due to the strange but endearing obsession with selfies that many in our group share. Once we began making our way down the mountain, everybody was reaching an ultimate high on life. The trip down was much easier, but not quite as satisfying with the sky starting to darken.  Our energy was drained, but our hearts were full.

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