Alamosa - Habitat (5)

Day Four: Adventure Day

Hey, hi, hello what’s up everyone! Jasmine here.

Soooo today was exploration day and boy we had an adventure. We started our day right at a delicious coffee shop in downtown Alamosa called “Milagros.” After fueling our tummies with macchiatos, lattes, chocolate croissants, and breakfast burritos, we were ready to explore the unknown terrains of Colorado.

Our first stop was “Zapata Falls.” We hiked up or should I say “slipped up and down” icy trails while linking arms to our final destination: an incredible frozen waterfall surrounded by open caves, fresh water, creeks and lakes.

Our next destination was supposed to be the sand dunes., but Mother Nature decided to be a little cranky today and gave us a snow storm. A SNOW STORM in SPRING. Crazy right? I know.

We continued our adventure and took a dip in the hot springs scattered in the mountains. So in order to get to them, and let me tell you.. it was a journey…
After countless heavy breaths, gasps for air and sore feet, the view was worth it all. It was nothing I’ve ever seen before and just so surreal. Deer and elk sprinted around us. You could hear the wind singing and the trickle of hot spring water hitting the rocks. I never knew something could be so incredibly beautiful. It was the first time I’ve ever seen mountains or any kind of this nature at all. I’ve only seen them online or in textbooks before this. Plus, I come from a big city—New York City, to be exact. So the closest thing I’ve ever come close to seeing something this big, were skyscrapers.
Today’s MAB principle was “This is it” and everything I’ve done so far and plan to do on this trip is inspired by this principle. It’s all about living in the moment.
Visiting the hot springs, seeing all of this nature, looking up at these incredible mountains was inspiring, peaceful and just beautiful. The best way to describe today actually comes from this quote said by Alysa. “I connected with my earth.” And we did.  I’ve never felt so free and so connected with nature. Our skin touching the warm rocks, our hands dug into the bottom of the spring and the warm sun hitting our faces as we looked out into a mesmerizing view and lived in a moment that I never wanted to end.

Jasmine Babilonia​

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