Wilmington, NC - Health (Post 1)

These past three days have been quite an adventure. The journey started with a two day trek to Wilmington, North Carolina. The 18 hour drive included Batman voices, tunnels, free cookies from  Fazolis, communicating love to strangers by getting in their vans (Ashley), testing out the Southern treasure of Bojangles, reading Cosmo outloud, and of course van parties. Our midway point was AWESOME thanks to the Murray's southern hospitality. After another 8 hours, we finally arrived at our beautiful beach house in Wrightsville Beach. We were greeted by a welcome Mizzou sign, and the sweetest women with cookies and a warm welcome. Our first night in Wilmington was filled with a cut-throat game of Catch Phrase, chef Aimee's dominating of grilled cheese, and horror stories in the dark. We quickly found out that Jenna has a power point, Thomas is the best bike actor, and Ali is an allstar wrestler.

This morning started off with a bright and early start as half of our crew decided to go on a jog around The Loop (which was never found by the group, but it's the thought that counts right?). While a few others found their morning onto the beach. Pulling into our first service site, WHAT, we of course were pumped as we busted out in our vans side by side, "Let It Go." So, what is WHAT? WHAT is Wilmington Health Access for Teens! We were excited to learn about their organization and all they do for their local community. They had just had a successful fundraiser to raise money for their services to teens in the three local high schools. We were able to serve them in multiple ways and could immediately tell how appreciative they were. Our next stop after lunch was Communities in Schools. We were fortunate to connect with Brad Ladermann, who sobered us by informing us about how purposeful their organization is. Communities in Schools are a non-profit organization that ensures students stay on the right track to graduate. So to serve, we rocked it. As Ali Jones says, we worked on the railroad all day. But seriously, we served them by organizing and are super excited to be working with them for the next few days.

Well, the rest of our day was filled with exploring downtown historic Wilmington, trying out their local ice cream and coffee, and meeting an awesome dog named Jake. So, now MAB Wilmington is going star tripping. Catch ya later. Wilmington out! Make sure to follow us on Twitter! (PS. Megan is the sweestest participant EVER, the rest are pretty spectacular though).


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