Guin, AL SEC Compact - Habitat for Humanity (Post 5)

Hey everyone,

Today was our off day and we decided that we would go to Birmingham and explore the city with Teressa and her kids. We started the adventure off by going to a local mall in the city which everyone really enjoyed. We shopped around for about two hours before we all met back up to go to the zoo. We visited The Birmingham Zoo after lunch and everyone loved looking at all the different animals. We saw everything from different types of squirrels to baby giraffes which mesmerized a lot of the group because it was so adorable. We also saw a tiger, which was of course was everyone’s favorite and we even took a picture with the Truman we brought on the trip with the real tiger. We didn’t just look at animals during our time there though, we also got to ride on a carousel and a train that went around the entire zoo. The train was really cool because we got to see some of the animal exhibits we did not see while walking around. After the zoo closed, we traveled to Dreamland BBQ for dinner which was absolutely amazing and everyone finished off their plates of delicious food, and of course sweet tea was a staple in our meal. Railroad Park is a very popular park that was nearby so after dinner we headed over there to take pictures as  “one big happy family” also known as our close group of twelve. Once we got back to camp we ended the day with our typical game of intense spoons and working on the bird houses. Today was such a fun day and we all absolutely loved getting to know Teressa and her daughters even better. Everyone had a great time and our group really has become one big family. We really have all found things in common and bonded more than any of us could have imagined and cannot wait to see what the rest of the week holds for us!

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