San Antonio, TX 1 - Habitat for Humanity (Post 3)

Another full day of service has come and gone, and with it a further increased appreciation of the people we are with and the work we are able to take part in. It was another early morning, but thanks to several alarms and plenty of coffee we were able to hit the road and enjoy the sunrise on the way to our site.

Once there we started work on another house next door to yesterday's, with tasks ranging from doing the siding on the house to reinforcing the framing to plenty of painting. Monday is Habitat for Humanity's day off so today we were able to serve alongside others. There were workers from AmeriCorp that we were able to meet and a character named Woody who led the site for Habitat for Humanity. We even were able to get a delicious snack with Woody from the local "Taco Man" who stops by each morning.

After a hard day's work on the site we headed over to Brackenridge Park, where the San Antonio Zoo and Japanese Tea Garden are located. There we all got to enjoy some great barbecue and some more of the beauty of San Antonio. After that we came back for reflection and all slowly passed out to a movie played on the church's projector, ready for a new day of service to bring a beautiful home to a deserving family. ​

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