Billings, MT - Homelessness and Poverty (Post 4)

Hey friends, family, and fans!

Today, we began our day at Head Start, which is the largest Head Start in the state of Montana. It was a fun experience for us to get to spend time with children 3-5 years old. We had the chance to assist with tasks in the classroom, play with children on the playground, and learn​ more about the history behind the facility. We are starting to build relationships with the children and are excited to spend the rest of the week with the kids.

We also went to Montana Rescue Mission today. We did not serve food as we were expecting too, but did things that helped to support the Mission to raise money to provide for the soup kitchen. We learned a lot about ourselves and our approach to service today at MRM.

Tomorrow we will be back with the kids and are super stoked for what's to come with them! 



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