Memphis, TN 1 - Children's Health (Post 3)

"The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

Through the trenches of life, through the hurdles that seem impossible, through the narrow crevices allowing very little light to penetrate, through every seemingly insurmountable circumstance that befalls us, one may either choose the darkness or the light. When we face overwhelming obstacles, we believe everyone has the ability to see one of two ways. They can cry at the foot of the mountain or climb the peaked snowcapped hurdles that lie before them.

Working this week with various children and families dealing with multiple challenges has put in perspective the trials we face in our daily lives. Whether it's an upcoming test, or a mid semester life crisis, nothing can be as dramatic as the circumstances that effect these children we have had the pleasure of meeting. Yet, through every door of an operating room or recovery unit, there is a child with hope in their heart. Persistence is the ability to keep going, even when odds are steep. This has given us the overwhelming feeling of empowerment, embodying not only the unique opportunities given to us by this experience, but also the incredible endurance by the families and children impacted by St. Jude. It has been amazing to see the unbelievable hope that these families have when faced with such a grizzly hurdle.

We can either live to persevere and see the growth in the challenges we face, or let the avalanche of life overwhelm us.


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