Hiawassee, GA - Environment (Post 6)

We Are Farmers, Bum-buh-dum-bum-bum-bum-bum!

Dear Mama'rrera,

Today was BRISK, to say the least. It started to snow (WHAT?). It's been in the 50's and 60's this week, so the snow was a surprise. It reminded me of that good ol' Missouri weather… you know, the kind that changes on you all the time and makes you want to move far, far away? This place is different though. Evan said it looks like Christmas.


Anyway, since it was so cold, Chill Bill (one of the managers of Enota) said we didn't have to come out to the farm until it warmed up. Me, Julia, Evan, and Rachel were the first to wake up, and we made brunch. We made blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs (and it was so DANG-BANG-KABLAM delicious [but not as good as yours, promise]). Evan said they were as circular as the rising beautiful sun in the morning, like a single butt cheek of Adam's (that we may or may not have seen #HikingIncident).

After brunch, we headed to the farm to do some work! We spent the majority of the day weeding and mulching the organic farm beds. While we were out there, it started to snow. First, we thought it was pollen or cotton, and then all of a sudden it came at us like a wild rabid child (think Donnie from The Wild Thornberries). We warmed up in the farm house periodically, and kept working through the afternoon. Evan said we felt like day laborers jumping in and out of trucks. Once we were done, we had to stop and hold the bunnies (of course… again). Joe rubbed Big Pig's belly too because he was a little jealous. Tom the Turkey gobbled in the background, and you could hear it echo through the mountains (https://vine.co/v/MOKTHJQAAI6).

​Like all my MABuddies have said if you've been keeping up with the blog, this place is absolutely gorgeous. Maiya's pictures can only capture half the beauty of Hiawassee, GA (anyone else's would only capture a quarter because hers are BOMB AF). Evan said she woke up like dis #flawless.

A few of us went on a hike to the Appalachian Trail.

Others stayed warm in the cabin and played spades. Julia baked brownies. Now, everyone is back gathered around the table in the family room eating brownie sundaes and chatting. Evan serenades us every time he leaves the room. It's amazing that 12 strangers can come together, bond, dine, laugh, and serve with each other and accomplish so much in just a matter of days. I love these people, and like Ma (not you, my site leader, Kelsey, from last year) reminded me before leaving, everyone is unique and wonderful. She couldn't be more right.

Mahal Kita, Mama'rrera ("I love you" in Filipino for those of you following us!), ​

Nicole and MABuddies

P.S. Adam and I shared a cute site leader moment today. Evan captured it. #relations

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