Gulfport, MS - Habitat for Humanity (Post 3)

Day three of our Gulfport, Mississippi trip has passed and our motto for today was "Be Gumby" or Be Flexible. We implemented this at the beginning of the day when we showed up to our usual house at 8:00 on Waterloo Ct. only to find out we were needed to help finish up two houses 20 minutes across town! A lucky few grinded out the grueling task of moving straw (or pine needles?) from house to house while others were stationed at specific houses doing yard work or maintenance to the inside. It was a really enlightening experience seeing a house that Habitat for Humanity had built from the ground up as opposed to our original house, which was a "fixer-upper".  We finished the day up at our Waterloo house with some painting and starting outside maintenance. Half of the group mastered their painting technique and skills while the other half learned the basics of putting on "siding" onto the sides of the shed in the backyard.
Our group was lucky to have the Ocean's Spring Yacht Club provide us with a free dinner with their delicious buffet. We all binged on southern fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and don't forget the mouth watering brownies. You truly can't match Southern hospitality! It was a treat getting to know the Gulf Coast residents and hear their stories. A certain gentleman told us how Habitat for Humanity helped repair the damages to his home that Hurricane Katrina had caused. The warm welcoming we received at the yacht club filled our hearts with joy! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

ASB Missitrippy signing out!

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