Gulfport, MS - Habitat for Humanity (Post 4)

Today's theme was "This is it". So basically the idea is to be present in each moment of the day. We started off the day back at our house on Waterloo, and it was a particularly difficult day for some of us. We faced a lot of challenges as we took new tasks, with little experience. We re-sided a shed and replaced siding on the side of the house. We installed doors on the side of the house and front of the shed. Inside we did some more painting that required an extreme amount of precision. There were even times when we would have to go back and redo tasks that we had already completed. Obviously at times this could become very frustrating and so we at times have to step back from what we were doing and take a breath, refocus and soldier on. With that being said when we did finally accomplish what we had set out to do we left knowing that the work we had done was the result our maximum effort, and something we could be proud of as students of Mizzou.

For dinner we went to the Yacht Cub of Ocean Springs. There we had burgers and brats prepared for us by our site leader's aunt. We sat right off the beach, close enough to hear the waves, and enjoyed smores' and music by a fire pit. Tomorrow we look forward to finishing up the week strong and complete all the projects we have started.

From the Friendly and Beautiful Gulf Port Mississippi,
Greg Schneider and Brad Sterling​

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