Billings, MT - Homelessness and Poverty (Post 5)

Dear friends, family, and fans,

Today was the hardest day in terms of emotions we have had yet. Tonight we had an hour and a half reflection on our day at Head Start, which helped all of us to learn from each other's experiences and go deeper into our children's lives and the obstacles they face that none of us had dealt with. It gave our group appreciation for what we have both materially and within our group. We came to Billings together to serve the homeless and impoverished community and along the way, we have become an incredibly close group. We discussed tonight that our group will always be a support system for each other, regardless of the locations we are in because we have done so much together this week and understand each other in ways others at Mizzou who didn't go on this trip will never be able too. We are forever happy we have had the opportunity to serve in Billings, Montana and we still have two more days to do so!



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