San_Antonio H&P Day 5

Today we woke up bright and early to serve breakfast at St. Vincent's Bistro. It was so great to see everyone's faces when receiving their food and you could really tell how grateful everyone was. We were serving cream of wheat, bagels, and coffee however some of the bagels were expired. Seeing people being served expired food was frustrating. After serving breakfast, we were brought out to the dining area where we were applauded by the courtyard residents which gave us mixed feelings. It was nice to see their appreciation for our service but it caught us off guard and really brought out many of the emotions we were experiencing throughout our week. 

After a quick coffee break, we made our way to the children's shelter where we hung out with babies and toddlers while some of the older kids were out on a field trip. When we arrived, some us went  to the playground to play with a group of toddlers. We took turns sending them down the slide and playing with toy carsSome of us went to the cafeteria and had lunch with the toddlers and then put them down for a nap. The rest of us 

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