Taos - The One Where We All Got Sunburnt

We started the day off around 8 o'clock in preparation for an orientation with the leaders for Habitat for Humanity along with several other volunteers. After numerous pancakes, the orientation began at 9 am and we were greeted by smiling faces and lovely people who anticipated the work day. We headed out around 10 o'clock and arrived at the house/work site. Upon arriving, we noticed that there was a concrete foundation, a few wooden boards up, and tarps on the foundation. It almost looked like a mess, but we quickly got to work and began the day. We began by removing the tarps and excess water, then began working on the walls. After lining up string for the first set of concrete bricks, we started to lay them down. To lay down the bricks, we had to prime the foundation using mortar and set the bricks in place and in line with the strings. The whole group worked diligently, and it was amazing to see the progress we made. We were able to set the first bricks that needed to be down in order to begin using the adobe. After the first work day, I realized just how amazing some of the people are. They're all proud and dedicated to the work, including those in my group. The days work ended with a few silly pictures, laughs, and quite a few sunburns (including me, sorry Mom). We left around 3:30 and hit the showers because we were all pretty dirty, muddy, and disgusting. However, the showers made us all feel refreshed. Next, we left to return to the New Beginnings Church in Taos, New Mexico. Some proceeded to take naps, others to snack, and some to play Cards Against Humanity. For those of you who aren't acquainted with this offensive, but hilarious game, go play it. Around 7:15, Derrek decided he wanted to get Michael back for waking us up during our nap yesterday, so he had the brilliant idea to walk downstairs slowly, place a speaker next to Michael's ear, and play this sound button with a bullhorn. Needless to say, it was so funny and we have plenty of videos. Around 7:30, we decided to venture to Taos Venture Brewery for their night of storytelling and karaoke. Once we got there, the storytelling was in full force and we were able to hear many stories, which of many were wildly inappropriate, but still entertaining. Overall, they talked about smoking weed, losing virginities, getting tattoos, and guns. The real story comes from the karaoke portion of the adventure. One of our own, Eunice, grew some balls and decided she wanted to participate in karaoke. She approached the stage and the song "Amarillo Sky" played. As she sang, our whole group got up, stood in front of the stage, and cheered. The moment truly made my heart feel warm inside. Early in the trip, Eunice was quiet, but we really saw her come out of her shell and it was an amazing sight to see. I'm blessed for the opportunity to witness it. She made us proud to know her, and I think she made herself proud. She rode in the same car as me on the ride home and played DJ, and we were once again able to witness her choose some of the craziest, funniest songs I've ever heard. She, along with the rest of the members on the trip, are amazing. I've come to realize that this group is incredible, and I hope the relationships and the bonds we've created will last long after this trip. I'm happy to have gotten to know these truly inspiring souls, and I can't wait for the week to come. I hope they know just how special they are. 

I had one of the best days I've had in a long time. 


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