Lovage herb (Detroit 1)

Today was our first day of service!! We arrived at Earthworks around 8 am...bright & early  We learned how to prick (replanting sprouted seedlings), move pallets, and soil mixing! All while some great bonding happened- Claire, Rewdjety, Mikaela, Alexis, & Raina all have sweating problems...cute!! The service coordinator Shane gave us the grand tour all around Earthworks. We toured both of the greenhouses, learned about the water supply that Earthworks uses, the bike repair that is open on Wednesdays, and the amazing shower program! Once our day at Earthworks was over many of us chose to nap while others watched Shameless. Breakfast for dinner was made followed by a touching debrief. We are all so stocked to go back tomorrow! 

Peace & Blessings

Love & Justice 

Sweet & Sour 

...thinking about lunch already

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