MAB Weekend - Scott County

Our MAB Thoughts:

1) The biggest takeaway from my first MAB trip is the power of teamwork. We were able to accomplish all of the projects we did today because we did it together. It is amazing to see what coming together can accomplish. #sikedforsikeston -Simon Capp

2) Today we helped out at a community garden. Although I was nervous because I am notorious for killing any plant I come in contact with, it ended up being a success. From picking weeds to painting tables, it was a really fun and rewarding experience. -Alexandra Larson
3) I love small town America. Everyone knows everyone, and everyone wants to make you feel like you're at home. Serving at the community garden, and getting to know Mike and Maude, really made me realize how beneficial something so seemingly small can make such a big impact on a group of people. -Emma Smoczynski

4) I Thoroughly enjoyed learning new efficient ways of gardening. Specifically including tilling, and planting. What a rewarding experience I had visiting with the wonderful citizens/family of Sikeston. The hospitality was beyond expected. #throwinRolls -Zachary Tallevast

5) If you're considering going on an MAB trip, go! I was hesitant to go, but I am so thankful I went. It was incredible to serve alongside a group of selfless peers I wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet without MAB. It was so awesome to see how much can get done when we all worked as one unit. -Molly Arand

6) The best part about today was the multiple connections we made within the MAB family and the residents of Sikeston, MO. The amount of love and appreciation we received was unreal. Definitely can't and won't forget Maude and Mike fersure. Lastly, It was really cool getting to see how teamwork can knock out days of work in some hours. Shoutout to the team! -D'Anthony Carter-Marshall

7) My MAB experience surpassed my expectations by teaching me that not all service needs to yield results right away. We may not be around to watch all of the benefits our service will produce, but the small steps will continue to make a tremendous difference in Sikeston's community. The church and community leaders were wonderful and welcoming, and I feel honored to have met them and been able to do some good for the home that they cherish so much. -Jamie Bachman

8) After my first day of service on an MAB trip, I couldn't be more pleased with how the day went. We accomplished so much in such a little time and the people we encountered were so grateful for our service. I was able to learn so much about community gardens and was inspired to attempt to plant my own garden! -Meghan Stuckel

9.) All throughout our service, I realized how passionate Maude and Pastor Mike were about their service to the community. After serving at the Nutrition Center, Lisa Hicks, Maude and Pastor Harris continued to express how appreciative they were to have us serve them. I loved how so much love was reciprocated between each MAB participant and our service contacts which made serving a lot easier and more enjoyable. Serving in Sikeston this weekend was definitely an experience of a lifetime! -Dionna Williams

10) I especially liked the community aspect of the trip. Everyone has worked to serve each other and to try to give back to each other and the community. A lot of times people forget that we are all here to serve each other and get caught up in our individualized lives. Instead, we tried to serve in any way we could, and thought about other people's needs. MAB's principles remind us of this and I would recommend an MAB trip to anyone! -Rokeith Daley

11) I absolutely loved seeing everyone serve today. Their willingness to do various tasks was incredible to watch and I couldn't have imagined spending this weekend serving with any other group. We accomplished so much, learned so much, and loved so much. The things we saw and learned today have left a permanent impression. I will forever be thankful for the opportunities MAB provides, the relationships we are able to forge as a result, and the service we are able to complete. Today was an incredible day of service. -Karen Patterson

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