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Last day of service!!

Today was our last day!! We have loved our time at the GMHC. We served this morning in the women's center. Hal of us organized closets and the other half filed while learning some tricks and tips from the women of GMHC. After we were done we met with Seth Richardson our closed out our week. It has been awesome getting to see how the this non-profit was run! We learned so much about HIV and AIDS as well as the health care history of the infection. It is outrageous to us as health care providers to realize in the beginning of the AIDS epidemic some patients were denied based off their diagnosis and basically left to die. As we leave the GMHC, we will remember to take the lessons we learned into our future professional careers. 

The afternoon we had off to explore more of NYC. We headed to the 9/11 memorial. Words cannot express the feeling of walking through that museum. 

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