Savannah 1 - Habitat for Humanity

Hello All,

Savannah 1 had its first day of service yesterday and are looking forward to another productive day at the Coastal Empire Habitat for Humanity Site. Yesterday we had our hands full painting and priming the inside of the first of the two houses.

We all wore our work home with a little paint on our clothes, and a few of us even managed to get it in our hair! We worked with some intriguing co-workers and learned a lot about how not to do things HAHA.

Today we are looking forward to working on finishing up our painting and starting on some outdoor siding. More to come about our our day off in Hilton Head, an interesting Easter, and many pictures!

-The Savannah 1 Crew - Taylor, Colleen, Kayla, Ann Marie, Sarah, Katie, Tori, Zach, Ben, Brendan, Nick, and Madeline

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