MAB Weekend - Monroe County (UNICEF Partnership)

Greetings from Monroe City and Paris, Missouri! I think its safe to say that our little group has had a blast this last weekend. Since we probably had the world's smallest MAB group (4 people total), we weren't able to make monumental changes, but we did what we could for the small towns of Monroe City and Paris. Our journey started on Friday, when we arrived to greet the wonderful people who work at the food bank in Monroe City. Once we got the keys, we left to go get groceries at the famous Monroe City C&R Market, and headed to the houses we were staying at over the night.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to start cleaning up at the food bank. After many hours of cleaning freezers, pulling weeds, and wiping off countertops, we eventually called it a day and left to go back to our host families. The boys played soccer and had a pretty intense ping pong tournament, while the girls played with peacocks, watched Disney channel, and napped.

As Sunday rolled around, we headed to our next service place, a 4-H center in Paris Missouri. Right when we got there, we pulled on the yellow Mr. Clean gloves and got to work scrubbing chairs and tables, dusting off fans, and mopping the building. Long story short, the place looks spotless. After our fair share of cleaning had been done at the 4-H center, we packed up and headed back to good ol' CoMo.

It goes without saying that our small group had a blast helping around in these small towns in Missouri. We got to meet great people, taught a Mexican restaurant what tax exemption is, and even had a run-in with the law due to our poor navigation skills. We are all thrilled to be able to say that we have made our contribution to help these small towns. This weekend was a great opportunity for our group to show that they care about helping others, and how we will go the extra step to do so.

See you later, Monroe County!

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