Adair - Environment (2)

The La Plata and Kirskville community received us with arms wide open.

Yesterday, the MAB Adair trip started its morning by having some of the best donuts we've had a in while -- sorry Strange and Harold's! We traveled to an Amish store near la plata and got homemade donuts for free! We then went to a store run by an Amish family and browsed throug traditional goods.

Shortly after, we headed to the Green Theatre to work on renovations. We started by cleaning up part of the theatre that the members of Friends for La Plata preservation will use for their meetings. Within a couple hours, the place looked completely new! Arlene and Cindy, the two leaders of the preservation group, were immensely grateful for our contribution. They are incredibly passionate about the theatre and service in general, and we definitely fed off their wonderful energy.

MAB Adair then went on and scraped windows, walls and doors, cleaned bathrooms, floors and shelves... We did so many things, and have a ton of fun working! We're so happy to be part of the restoration of such a historic theatre that has compelled many people to get involved. We were surrounded by amazing community members who, in some way or the other are part of the effort. Many people stopped by to bring food for us or just to say hi and cheer us on.

At night we got to work with members of an organization that caters to individuals with disabilities. We all cleaned up after a dance for people they serve.

This morning, we got up early to work on a trail Rotary  built for two senior living communities. We met the president of the Kirksville Rotary chapter and one of the founding members. We pulled weeds and cleaned the trail -- it looked so amazing after only a few hours of work!

Elsie Gaber, one of the Rotary members, then treated us to lunch and shares many stories with us. We're so thankful for this weekend and the fantastic people we shared it with. We definitely want to come back.

MAB Adair

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