Savannah 1 - Habitat for Humanity (3)

The Savannah Peaches use the selfie stick to take a photo in a circle resembling a clock. They were welcomed with confused stares.

Wednesday March 25, 2015

We started our day with an early, but worthwhile morning. Gunnar, Carli, and Dillon woke us up to a morning feast of pancakes, eggs, bacon and hashbrowns. Mike enjoyed his veggie nuggets despite the rest of the group's skepticism. The early-morning protein came in handy when working at the Habitat Restore throughout the day. We started the day loading pallets, moving furniture, and breaking down shelving units. We all eventually moved over to the Habitat Restore's new location where we unloaded the trucks of furnishings and home supplies. In between lifting and moving appliances, we got to know the Habitat staff better. Myles and Mike also found innovative ways to exercise in the mean time.

Some of the Savannah Peaches "hold down the fort" on Tybee Island.
We also successfully maneuvered our way through numerous trials and errors to put together shelving units. To pass the time and encourage productivity, the group sang Taylor Swift classics and renditions of popular melodies.

After we finished our day of work, we headed to Tybee Island, just in time for the sun to come out (and then disappear again). We first viewed Tybee's lighthouse then spent the rest of the evening walking around town and running up and down the pier. We also managed to successfully take a couple selfies that included the twelve of us.

After dinner and a meaningful reflection, the group was ready for Disney classic 90s movies and much-needed sleep.

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