Charleston 1 - Children (1)

Hello, world! Thank you for deciding to read our blog post. We are currently enjoying one another's company in the lovely city of Charleston, South Carolina. Today, we were blessed with a particularly lovely day of 70s and sunshine. Looking at these past three days of service, we cannot help but recognize how much we've learned in such a short amount of time. One major realization we have come to is the disparity between our two service sites. In the morning, we try to meet any needs of the local children's museum, and in the afternoon, we serve an after school program that promotes the character education and development of elementary age students. Through our experience with the after school program, our eyes have been opened to the need to show all children love and respect. No matter a students' behavior, it is imperative to empathize and recognize where that behavior is coming from. We have also noticed the need to stay positive and resilient as to model this behavior for these students. Though we're only here for a week, we have the power to make a day brighter, a moment sweeter, and love more evident. We've been fortunate enough to share experiences with some of the most incredible children we've ever met. Even though it's only Wednesday, we know this service will leave us with memories and knowledge we'll carry far past this week. That's all for now – we are off to prepare for the next two days! TTYL LYLAS HAGS

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