Asheville - Habitat for Humanity (1)

Day 1 & 2: "The Ghost"

So, we left Columbia at 6 a.m. on Saturday morning... and you couldn't believe what happened the next 11 hours....

We're going to give you one fun fact for each of the hours that we spent in the car:

1. We were not able to sleep at 6 a.m. in the van because the best songs from our Ultimate Playlist played for the first 2 hours of the drive and we were bumpin'!!!!
2. We're gonna set the scene- we are in a 12-passenger van that has 4 rows of seating. We quickly discovered that there is a serious sound barrier between the first two rows and the rest of the van. 
3. Country music fans are significantly the minority of our group.
4. When we finally plant our eyes on the "Gateway to the Midwest" we are so mesmerized that we simply get lost on the many highways of STL. After making a complete circle around the city we're finally back en route! In hindsight, this is hilarious because half of the trip lives in St. Louis..... it must be the good 'ol arch that did it to us.
5. Around hour 4 every single passenger besides the driver and co-pilot were asleep in the back. Julia found herself in an origami position which allowed her seat-mate, Blake, the chance to stretch his long legs. 

6. Kate was very nervous after anxiously awaiting her driving shift because she had never driven a 12-passenger van before. However, Nick Danter (NED) calmed her nerves by supporting and comforting her all the way from the third row.
7. Nick Ehrhard had done some background research on "Chic" Taco Stands in Nashville where we would be making our lunch stop! We roll up to Mas Tacos where we see a line of 50+ people out the door. We are dedicated to the tacos so we wait. And let me tell you, it was worth it. P.S. Try a traditional rice drink (Horchata) if you ever get the chance- highly recommend!

8. On our walk from Mas Tacos to the van we passed two irresistibly large marshmallow dogs who revived our spirits and made the rest of the drive seem more bearable. 
9. After lunch we discovered that a ghost who resides in the van is the 13th participant of our MAB trip. This ghost likes to give off warm ~vibes~ to the left foot of each participant. (We later discovered that there is actually a vent on the floor but the van is still named 'The Ghost').
10. As we pulled into North Carolina, fate would have it that Grace's original single came on our Spotify playlist. The group was in awe and we even clapped and WOO WOO'ed when it commenced. Brava!
11. We pulled in to see the beautiful Meredith Cabin with 4 rocking chairs on the front porch and we knew we were home!

On Sunday we had our free day and we decided to go exploring in our backyard- The Blue Ridge Mountains! We had a scenic hike including Lions and Tigers and Selfies, Oh My! (Minus the Lions and Tigers!!!) After we ate lunch and showered (boys had to take, seriously) we set out to see eccentric downtown Asheville! We hit up some groovy shops and then all met up at Mellow Mushroom Baked Pizza Shop! Dinner was divine and we even got take home some leftovers!

We are looking forward to our tour of the Asheville Habitat for Humanity affiliate tomorrow and starting our week of service! Check back everyday for more extravagant stories! 

Signing off- 

Yours truly, 
The Bath Tub Club by night and Monday Night Dinner Cooks by late afternoon (Paige Huber, Blake Toth, and Kate Meixner)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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