Tuscaloosa, AL - Habitat for Humanity (Post 3)

Today, our group was separated into 3 groups – two groups working on sheds and one group working on windows! Me (Madeline) and Kenton were working on windows, we finished putting trim around all the edges, and we caulked all the cracks (although there weren't many because we're awesome). We started painting and hope to finish doing 2 coats on all 13 window boxes so we can install them by the end of the week! The shed groups put the walls of their shed up and are now working on the roof (there are two sheds going up right now). They were chugging away all day and even though it was hard at some points to deal with knots in the wood that they couldn't get nails through, they persevered and got a lot accomplished which was great to see all their work.

We also talked to Jared, the Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Coordinator who talked to us more about the tornado from 3 years ago that caused the destruction we were trying to repair. It was so eye-opening to hear about everything first hand. The area we are helping to rebuild used to be one of the more dangerous parts of Tuscaloosa but after the tornado leveled basically the whole neighborhood it's become more of a family area. Not to say that natural disasters are ever a good thing but, it's nice to see that part of the community revitalized in a way that would have taken longer had there not been such a drastic change in landscape.

Then we went to the University of Alabama to look at the campus. We decided that U of A is obsessed with columns, even though Mizzou has the famous six, Alabama might have an unhealthy obsession with the cylindrical structures. All of the buildings were beautiful and the campus was really well manicured, but none of us wanted to transfer after the tour, just proving that you can't deviate from black and gold (plus one of Alabama's colors is red. And Tigers don't like red, even if it's not with blue).

All in all the day was great, all three groups got a lot accomplished and felt really proud of themselves at the end of the day. Alabama was beautiful and fun to see the other Greek chapter's houses which was a good end to a work day. Everyone's excited to go back tomorrow and finish the sheds and install all of the windows!


MEET LEVI! (our family dog)

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