Jacksonville, FL - Animals (Post 2)

Highs and Lows:

High: array of projects and willingness to do them
Low: Discovering marshmallow stuff under chin, really sticky.

High: TODAY. I pretty much had a blast. I obviously like the horses.
Low: Falling off the couch in my sleeping bag. I was so disoriented.

High: Seeing tigers.
Low: Seeing chickens

High: Cleaning out the shed was kind of fun, we had fun.
Low: I'm kind of crabby so I have to sleep a lot tonight.

High: Visible results. You would do something and you knew you made an impact.
Low: Almost getting hit by the truck when Hai was driving. Oh, and I was scared by a plant.

High: I saw a lot of toads and tigers (they were so pretty) especially the white one, Topaz.
Low: I tripped over a shovel and all the shirts fell out of the cabinet.

High: everyone working well together and doing different projects and also seeing the results and knowing we were helping.
Low: The cat outside that mocked us.

High: Cleaning out the shed and punishing all the chickens that were in there.
Low: Having to open up that hamburger meat, that's tough for a vegetarian to do.

High: I had a lot of fun today but I can't pick out a specific moment.
Low: Causing the U-turn that almost got everyone killed.

High: Digging postholes were fun. Weirdly fun. Also seeing the tigers was really great.
Low: First thing I did was pull out a bunch of rakes, Reminder from yesterday.

High: Seeing the orphan chick (Oliver the orphan chicken)
Low: Cutting myself on wood.

High: Seeing the horse's gratitude when we fed and groomed them. (And chipotle)
Low: Falling asleep mid-Frozen after a long day.

After a long day of work, we ate at Chipotle, we came back to watch Frozen, dance a little bit and also make spaghetti and share a family meal. We are bonding more than ever and all of us are looking forward to the rest of the week.

Overall, we are finding that we are having much more impact on the volunteers and employees at these organizations than we ever thought possible. Although we are mostly making human impacts, these, in turn, have giant impacts on the animals that the employees and volunteers care for.

We continue to look forward to tomorrow (at The Catty Shack again) and to the other sites during the rest of the week. As always, "We're In It For The Zoo." Stay Tuned.

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