New Orleans, LA - Homelessness and Poverty (Post 4)

We just wrapped our third day of service and our fourth full day in the city, and all we can say is wow. We are so in love with this city and the service we get to do. Love in Action Outreach is such an amazing, special place to be. Having just two more days there almost doesn't feel real.

Today was another food pantry day, with a side of meal delivery. We found more time for some amazing conversations, but we also kept busy taking customers through the pantry and distributing meals. We got a huge shipment from Second Harvest in the middle of the day, so organizing and shelving that took a lot of hands.

As we were packing up the pantry at the end of the day, something struck us. Almost all the food we had put on those shelves in the middle of the day was gone. Multiple pallets of food came off that big box truck. In a matter of hours, it was gone.

Between 150 and 200 people make use of the pantry each day, and there are new sign-ups every day. Love in Action Outreach is a small organization, but with each day we spend there, we become more and more in awe of the staff's mission and passion for what they do. We're so happy they let us be a part of their work this week.

After dinner with Grace Lutheran Church, our gracious hosts, some of the group hit New Orleans for a night of music. We ended up smack in the middle of a second line and discovered that Kalynn is ridiculously good wobbler.

It was the perfect experience for the middle of the week. This city is so alive and continues to surprise us and challenge us every day. We can't wait for tomorrow.

Love people. Do good.


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