New Orleans, LA - Homelessness and Poverty (Post 2)

Hey friends.

We had our first day day of service today. It went great. After a slightly late start, we made it to Love in Action Outreach, where we'll be serving all week. It was food pantry day at Love in Action Outreach, so we jumped right in and went to work helping with intake in the office, organizing shelves, distributing food to seniors, and taking people through the line.

Somehow, we got so busy we forgot to take photos. Oops. We'll work on that for the rest of the week.

We were all doing different things at Love in Action Outreach, but today was eye-opening for all of us. We heard some incredible, eye-opening stories from the people we worked with today, and we're just beginning to understand how Hurricane Katrina's effects linger nearly nine years later.

Today was a great way to educate ourselves on some of the homelessness/poverty issues we'll be tackling this week. It was striking to see so many of the people we served come into the food pantry with scrubs or other work clothes. The plight of the working poor here is real. It's one thing to read about, and another to experience.

Tomorrow we're going to be distributing food boxes to seniors. We're excited interact more with the community and learn more from Love in Action Outreach's amazing staff.

After a busy day at the food pantry, we ended up returning to our church for some much-needed napping. The amazing un-tired folks cooked the tired ones pizza. After refueling for dinner, we headed back to downtown New Orleans to experience the city at night.

The French Quarter at night is incredible. We walked around without any real plans, but we still had a blast. Hannah almost lost her tongue in a hot sauce store and had to be rescued by an employee with honey. Tray took weird selfies on the ground. We all walked two miles to a creepy haunted mansion, but somehow no one got tired.

As much fun as we had at night, we found ourselves thinking about how different the downtown area looks from where we served today. Income inequality is a sobering reality.

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